✨ Wish list

Is there something that you'd like to see that isn't in Tatstat yet?? Let us know by submitting feedback!

We will look at the number of votes and prioritize accordingly. When you vote, you will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😎

We should be able to edit appt details, like start time and/ or length of appointment.


It would be cool if I could keep my books closed but collect emails for a wait list. Then when my books are ready to open, the people on that list get...

I've noticed that I can't search to see upcoming appointments for clients who have multiple sessions on calendar. Could you add a search bar to the...


I feel like there needs to be more payment methods like (but limited to) cash app and such not everyone has Venmo or PayPal


I’m not sure if it’s just me or not but I’ve had people that click on my link say they can’t enlarge my portfolio pictures and actually look...